A note from the Chair

Summer Market - an update

Getting closer to our Summer market opening. Let Debbie know if you are intending on having a stall.  Send her those product photos so they can be added to the website and to the Facebook page.  A clean, white background is best to highlight your products.

I look forward to seeing all the regulars and our new stall holders.

Next Market - Saturday 7 October 2017
9am to 1pm.....

I know we have all been looking forward to the new venue but unfortunately it is not quite ready.

I had a look today, took a couple of pics, gee wizz looks a mess down to the river since the recent rain but it will come together. Rest assured the committee will be working hard  behind the scenes to secure our place at the Quays and to make this market venue great for our stall holders, locals and visitors alike.

Winter Pop Ups
This is a great way to keep our profile up during the winter months. It was great to see new faces, and regulars alike. I look forward to seeing those new faces and more of them in the summer. If you know anyone interested or if you know of an organisation which could use the free community market space ask them to contact Debbie for information. 

I have heard mixed reviews concerning the carpark building venue, but it is free, dry and enables the market to proceed despite the weather. We will continue to use the venue when its needed.

Until the Quays is complete we will be back at Wynen Street.

Remember to email Deb with your photos and bios so she can include them in the Website and on the Facebook page.

This is a free portal for you to advertise your products. Show off your hard work.

Encourage your customers to buy and get the Blenheim public to support our market.

Alternately post on the Facebook page yourself.
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