Exciting News

Well the best kept secret amongst our stall holders anyway is out. We are on the move. The Quays here we come.

Debbie, Denise and I attended a council meeting Thursday morning where Debbie once again spoke to the Mayor and Councillors.  We thanked the council for their support of the Artisan Market, past, present and in the future. We outlined our excitement about moving into The Quays development and making this our new home.

I am very happy to announce that the council voted unanimously to ratify The Marlborough Artisan Market’s move into the Quays.

As a stall holder I am very excited about the move. The venue is not just prettier but has potential to increase the customers numbers. As the Chairperson I am very grateful to be part of this move. The visibility from the main road, the increase in customers due to the proximity to retailers such as Farmers, other retailers and the restaurants in the vicinity all add up to potential new customers.

Having facilities close by such as toilets, water and power are added bonuses and may lead to more stall holders coming on board.

The first market in this venue is this coming Saturday 9 of December. We will be set up and looking great for the opening of the development that Council are hosting at 11am....

So, thanks to everyone who has been involved in the process to have the MAM in this new venue.  Especially the drive that Chris and Keith have put into it and to Debbie for all the upfront speaking to council and the behind scenes talking she does.  There have been many other enthusiastic people involved so thanks to everyone and let’s make a huge success of the move to our new market home.

Thank you - Jenny Lyall - Chair

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