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The Rugga is a multi-purpose woollen rug  made in New Zealand using pure New Zealand wool. The versatile Rugga will  give you warmth, comfort and portability. The Rugga can be used as a carry  bag, a cushion or when opened out, use it as a picnic blanket or cosy rug.  The Rugga’s compact zip up design makes it easy to take anywhere: the  beach, the park the rugby or the cricket, and there is always room for one in  the car. The Rugga is available in attractive combinations of most New  Zealand provincial colours. The Rugga is fully manufactured here in New  Zealand. Every step from the sheeps back to the final product is checked  against the strictest of quality controls. You can rely on the Rugga’s sturdy  construction, and can be assured you are buying a quality product.  You can buy Rugga each week at the market - or online at Rugga Rugs.